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Sourcing & Procurement

End to End

BizeeBuy touches upon the end to end Procurement Process from Accounts Payable perspective for Buyers, and on the other hand Order to Cash cycle for sellers.

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Comprehensive Process Management

Comprehensive eProcurement

Manage the end to end Procurement Process in a controlled traceable manner, with internal checks and balances in place, and efficiencies built in.

  • Cost Center & Budget Management for controls
  • Multi level Approval Workflows for POs & Invoices
  • Effective Vendor Management & Coordination
  • Competitive Sourcing with RFQs for Reverse Auctions
  • Comprehensive Process Control with Audit Trails
  • Robust and Actionable Reporting

and a lot more being delivered…

Streamline flow of PO & Invoices

Avoid inefficient methods of transacting with internal stakeholders in your business and the supplier network. Adopt the seamless flow of information and a single moment of truth for all to follow:

  • Single click PO release to the supplier network
  • Queries and final PO acknowledgment from suppliers
  • Receive Proforma for advance and Tax Invoices
  • Automated 3 way match: PO vs GRN vs Invoices
  • Invoice payout notification to suppliers
  • Realtime tracking of Accounts Payable
Effectively Streamline the flow of POs & Invoices

Collaborate with Suppliers

Still sending out Purchase Orders over emails and managing untraceable back and forth communications with suppliers on emails?
Collaborate…it benefits both:

  • Raise Purchase Orders and get acknowledgment on BizeeBuy
  • Multiple back & forth edits / amendments of POs with auditable trail
  • Receive Invoices from Suppliers for automatic match with PO/GRN
  • Vendor Ledger Auto maintained & visible to you and your suppliers
  • Purchase history with payment details all at one place

…a lot more in between…

Accounts Payable

Avoid relying on emails & data drives to receive and collate Invoices carrying no linkages to the Purchase Orders. Take a collaborative approach with the suppliers and eliminate erroneous manual processing:

  • Receive digitized Invoices from suppliers on the vendor portal
  • Automated 2 way/3 way match with PO and GRN
  • Approval of invoices for payout as per defined workflow
  • Payment File generation and Payment Notification to suppliers

and much more…

Production Management

Connect your Raw Material and Packaging Material Inventory with the Production process for wholistic controls.

  • Generate BoM [Bill of Material] for production allocation
  • Determine material shortages beforehand, for backordering
  • Allocate material to batches basis LIFO/FIFO, automatically
  • Get visibility to Batch costing trend on a real time basis
  • Dashboard for Batch-wise reporting and insights

Inventory Management

Stop using Excel sheets to assess and manage inventory and tracking stock movement among warehouse locations. Manage Inventory and warehouses in a better way with BizeeBuy:

  • Track & Manage stock shortages and excess stock
  • Auto-adjust stock from production and GRNs
  • Streamline warehouse management with stock Transfers
  • Assess inventory valuation with FIFO based pricing
  • Conduct Physical Stock Reconciliation & stock Adjustments

all this and more…

Effectively Track Cost of Goods

Bottomline matters a lot. Get an analytical realtime view of Cost of Goods at an SKU level, along with the underlying cost trends for Material for effective input cost control.

  • Manage Bill of Material at SKU level
  • Reorder recommendations as per defined threshold
  • Single click Material Inventory assessment
  • Single click BoM to PO release
  • Analytical view of RM/PM cost trends and fluctuations
  • Batch wise production costing

Competitive Sourcing

Avoid the tedious sourcing process of receiving quotation in non-standard formats from suppliers over emails and manually drawing comparatives. Better conduct Reverse Auctions for competitive quotes in a smart way:

  • Publish the Request for Quotations to Suppliers
  • Receive Quotes [as reverse auction on a Real time dashboard]
  • Negotiate over an On Record chat with supplier
  • Do a side by side comparative of Quotes
  • Shortlist / Finalize a quote and release POs


Take Control of the Business Processes through insightful and robust customized reporting, suitable for your own business needs. Find the most popular ones built-in already.

  • Insightful Dashboards for every step in the commercial process
  • Reports pertaining to efficiencies and costs for better decision making
  • Data Highlights to identify process hotspots
  • Trends and patterns to observe and deliver savings

and much more…


Spend less time handling softwares, and more time managing your business. BizeeBuy works in perfect harmony with the tools you use…minimizing manual interventions for data synchronization.

  • Amazon Seller Hub
  • Your Shopify Website / Woo-commerce
  • Flipkart Seller Account
  • Various PoS [Point of Sale] systems
  • Tally for Simplicity of Accounting

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